Highschool V.S College

Alot of people talk about the differences between Highschool and College. However, I have yet to see anyone go in depth about it. In Highschool, you are given the illusion of independence, while also having your hand held. While in college, you literally get the syllabus with all of the assignments for the semester, and you’re expected to come to class prepared. You get school lunches in highschool, You may have a meal plan in college, or you may even have to buy your own groceries. You could pay thousands of dollars for college, and most HighSchools are free. Professors aren’t required to get to know you, while HighSchool teachers are almost penalized for not knowing their students. Parents control what happens in HighSchool, whereas they have No control over anything in College, because each student is looked at as an adult. All in all, there are similaries and differences between all levels of education, (tradeschool etc) The choice is just figuring out what works best for you. 

Black Lives Matter? A terrorist organization

To start this post, I want to include the definition of a terrorist organization. According to the http://thefreedictionary.com, a terrorist organization is a political movement that uses terror as a weapon to achieve its goals. In that definition, the word “terror” is used, so lets define that. According to the same site, terror is “Intense, overpowering fear.” Now, we all know how there is tension between the BLM organization and the ALM organization. That is another post for another day. I just want to address those who want to justify thier hate for BLM by saying that they’re a terrorist organization, while also including those who don’t research things and just repeat what everyone else thinks. BLM started because of the deaths of unarmed, innocent people who were/are killed by police everyday. No one said anything about the Criminals. Therefore, it is NOT criminal entitlement. (Eventhough they were still unarmed and the last time I checked the punishment for a crime is jail not death) BLM was not founded on the principles of killing people. You also have to think about this. Who are BLM? Is BLM the small group of people who sat in a room and came up with the idea to start a movement? Are BLM the twitter users who hashtag it? Or are BLM the people who march on the streets? Think about that, I can almost bet that everyone reading this post will have a different answer. Therefore, you can’t simply say BLM is a terrorist organization because if you say BLM are thetwitter  users, you can’t commit an act of terror from behind a screen. If you say BLM are those people who sat in that room and created the organization, they aren’t responsible for the thousands of people who claim to be a part of the organization. If you say that BLM are the people who are marching, I haven’t heard any reports of missiles being launched on police officers for BLM. When those police officers were shot, they immediately posted a picture of an innocent protestor when the man was marching the entire time, While also neglecting the fact that it was an aerial attack. Sounless  everything we’ve learned in science is a lie, a man can’t be in the sky and on the ground at the same time. Those few individuals who are looting and stealing and doing all of these unlawful things do not equate for the ideals and intentions of an entire organization, just like the unlawful murders of innocent people by police do not equate for the intentions and ideals of all police officers. All I’m trying to say is that generalization adds to the problem. 

Empathy vs Sympathy

While in class today, my professor said something interesting. He talked about the divisive nature of the word “sympathy.” You see, when someone Sympathizes with someone, they feel “bad” for them. When someone empathizes with someone, they feel for them. Empathy is puttinf yourself in the person’s shoes, and understanding that injustice to one person/group of people is an injustice to the human race. When we finally empathize, we can truly be great. 

Best Friends Until The End

When you hear the word “Friend,” What do you think? Do you think about that person who you tell jokes with? Perhaps you think about that person who you hang out with? Well, that’s not what I think about. When I hear the word “Friend,” I immediately think of empathy. I think about the person who will accept me despite my flaws, who has my best interest at heart, and who respects my feelings. I, as a person, feel that society’s views on friendship have been skewed. When people hear the word “Friend” they think about the things that I mentioned previously. They think about the pretty part of friendship. If you don’t know your friend’s favorite color, if you wouldn’t stand up for/with your friend despite their flaws, don’t call them your friend. I know this is a heavy post but I thought about this concept while in 11th-12th grade year. I had all of these smiling faces who laughes with me but also made fun of me for who I loved, what I wore, how I saw issues, they told me that I was nothing special, I couldn’t leave “them” behind, and It made me realize that not everyone is a true friend. Considering these things, I’m not sure I have any friends. 

One Of My Favorite Movies

Although I’m not a movie person, I do enjoy watching a good film here and there. One of my favorite movies from my childhood is entitled “Treasure Planet.” It’s about thos young boy in the future who almost lost everything. He eventually recieved treasure from this pirate and set out to find treasure planet. It is a good movie. I reccomend it to anyone who wants to enjoy a cute movie. 

Red nose and a sinister smile

As many of us have seen in the news, there is a band of criminals terroizing the world. Clad in clown costumes, they go around killing, kidnapping, and terrizing innocent people. This group of individuals are hiding behind clown masks, and as a result they are almost invisible to law enforcement. It will be harder for the police yo catch these individuals. With that being said, I hope everyone is safe, and I’d advise everyone to stay indoors. Most importantly, do NOT provoke these people. This is not a game.